Kuriakose Elias Carmel Social Action Programme.(KECSAP)

KECSAP is the social wing of K E Carmel Group of Schools, for its staff and students to get involved in the social responsibility towards the society. It is a registeredin 2010 as a society, under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. Every branch of K E Carmel Group of Schools, in that matter- all CMI institutions- are mandated to commit to this cause and train its stakeholders (staff and students) to participate in it and make them socially committed citizens as part of a wholistic formation. The established branches of KECS are executing this platform, in its best. The newly started branches are initiating this responsibility bit by bit.

At present the organization is running the following programmes (mainly around the surroundings of the established schools), like;

  • Free supplementary education to economically unprivileged children around the villages of KE Carmel Schools.
  • Free medical, consultation and medicines for BPL families.
  • Full/ Half scholarships for academically brilliant yet economically week students in each branches of KECS.
  • Women Empowerment programmes, like, Income Generation Programmes(IGPs), free tailoring education, spoken English course, promotion of SHGs etc.
  • Home for a Homeless Stakeholder Programme- Construction of houses for homeless / depilated houses for Group D staff and needy students.