Who we are

K. E. Carmel School (Kuriakose Elias Carmel) Suri, is the sixth educational institution of CMI congregation in Bengal and has begun its journey in 2016 April. It is run by Catholic Minority Community, with all the rights and privileges granted by the constitution of India. It is a unit of the educational ministry of the religious congregation, Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), under St. Joseph's Province Thiruvananthapuram and is managed by CMI Dharmanivas Educational Trust (DET) in Bengal. It imparts instructions to students from NURSERY to CLASS - VIII. The classes will be upgraded yearly and will reach up to higher secondary level in near future.

Our Features

Smart Class Rooms
Child friendly class rooms (pics of class rooms)
School bus will be available to Suri, Rajnagr, Dubrajpur, Saithia and Md Bazar directions. School buses are operated by the school and the bus staffs are part of school administration.
Play is an integral part of childhood. Keeping this principle, school provides a spacious park with various ridings under the green cover of the nature.
Our Inspiration

Inspired by St.Kuriakose Elias Chavara (1805-71), a visionary and social reformer of divine caliber from Kerala in 18th century, the members of the congregation is carrying the visionary legacy of our patron for the last two decades. His wholistic social reformation was based on education. He believ ...To Read More please click Know More Link below

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Our Strength

Carmelite of Mary Immaculate (CMI) is the first indigenous congregation in India,under the Catholic Church, started in 1855, with a mixture of Carmelite spirituality and Indian spirituality in action.The ‘active sanyasa congregation’ has set its priority, to respond to the needs of the times. As ...To Read More please click Know More Link below

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Our Commitment

The CMI Missionary Fathers from Kerala (St.Joseph's Province, Trivandrum) invest their best, for the excellent formation of the next generation, as our contribution to the national development. Through our educational institutions we respond to the National need to prepare our youth to be socially ...To Read More please click Know More Link below

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Our Motto

Everyone has received a Divine Call to devote oneself for the welfare of the society. (Jeremiah 1:10). Based on this ideal K.E.Carmel Group of Schools has its motto: "TO PLANT AND NURTURE". Education is a process in which teachers, parents and students work together to have the delicate seed of di ...To Read More please click Know More Link below

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From Principal's Desk (Rev. Fr. Varghese T CMI)

Parents, well-wishers and friends, I am happy to welcome you to KECS Suri, and wish that you may have a wonderful time with us. Schooling is one of the most precious and wonderful time in the diary of human life’s span. Each stages of human development have its challenges, struggles and virtues to achieve and overcome. A well supported and well nurtured young mind will transform into a mature soul with well mannered, optimistic and contributing attitude, if the grooming happens properly, at home and in the other systems like school, neighborhoods, peer groups etc,and as a result each person will shine like a lamp that lit on the pedestal and radiate its luminous grace around its vicinity. As our age- old concept remind us, that school is our second home, here in KECS campus, we take this responsibility of planting the young minds with all our efforts and resources, and nurturing them with love, care, in an affirmative spirit. Wish you a wonderful time ahead and happy to welcome you to the school campus. May the good Lord, bless you and your families. Thank You...

Sister Concerns

Children, you are God’s gift in the hands of your parents.

The children who have a love for God and fear of God will love and respect their parents.

Trust your Mother; God will hear the prayers of the mother as yours.

Food is for the body, so is wisdom for the intellect.

Go to school regularly and recall what has been taught during the week.

Laziness fosters evil habits.

Let your friends be those who love God.
The day in which you have not done any good to your fellow men will not be recorded in your book of life.

Keeping bad books is like hiding fire in hay.

Regular reading of good books and meditating on them will illumine the mind.

You angels will be turned to devils, if you fall into evil situation.

Desire that others love you, and not that they fear you.

Take special care to keep modesty while you sit, walk or lie down.

You are to forgive and forget the wrong doing of others.

Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell who you are.

What you earn by deceit and theft will melt like snow.

Idleness is the mother of all vices and would induce one to the habit of drinking.

Both stinginess and extravagance are equally sinful.

Had you not lighted the lamp during the day time, you could have lit it during the night.

Do not insult or trouble the poor.

God decides your vocation and it is you to choose it.

If your parents have left any obligation of restitution, fulfill it with diligence and devotion.

Even if you have grown in age and maturity, you have to respect your parents and submit to them.

Do not hate your own brethren.

It is the duty of children to look after their parents.

Do not be the cause for your parents’ tears.

The humble man is the greatest among men.

Since you belong to God, you have to give yourself back to God.